People joke that Toronto is a cleaner New York. Also much friendlier. It is all that and more. Toronto is a splendid town, a fabulous mix of historic and modern architecture, a melting pot of dozens of nationalities and cuisines.

Brent and I took a double decker bus around Toronto, asking tons of questions and laughing at every corny tour guide pun. Everyone was so nice. One guy on the street shouted up to us that he was glad we were there. “Have a nice day!”

Can you even imagine?

(Side note: Those buses are super cheesy, but they are awesome introductions to towns and easy ways to get around).  

For all your dining delights, here’s our Tasty Tour of Toronto (in alphabetical order):

El Catrin – This Mexican restaurant in the distillery district is a little pricey, but has great drinks and flavors. This district is worth meandering through — lots of cute cafes, shops, and design.

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse – This was a wild splurge that felt like a steak museum. Joseph + Co has the equivalent of a humidor for dry-aging steak. Our waiter brought out samples of steak from Japan, Australia, and Nebraska. Everything from the tableside Caesar salad to the wine list is part of the dining experience.

La Carnita – A hip Toronto taco place. Come for lunch or grab a few tacos in between meals.

L’Espresso Mercurio – Toronto is a Tim Horton town but this elegant cafe has killer pastries and sandwiches.

Luckee’s – Toronto is a dim sum heaven. There are dozens of authentic dim sum places, but this is dim sum art. Chef Susur Lee puts his own spin on traditional dim sum inside the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. Don’t leave without trying the Cheung Fun. Highly recommend.

St. Lawrence Market – This indoor market is busting to the seams with butchers, bakers, and more. Cheese, charcuterie, chocolate, we’re talking everything. Wander around and make sure you bring cash (there are two ATMs in the market too).

Any Toronto tips or favorite spots that we missed? We’d love to hear them.