It’s been six months since our last post. A lot has happened since then. We came back to the United States, moved across the country, changed jobs, started a business, visited four national parks, all before July. A year into this blog, here are three things we know for certain: We are hungry. Our time in Sicily was a feast for learning. We dedicated 10 weeks to investigating food, trying new cooking techniques, and tasting everything on our plates (yes, even that steak tartar with blood orange and almond). It was humbling to realize how much we didn’t know and freeing to follow our curiosity. Now that we’re back in the U.S., we don’t have 10 weeks to dedicate to cheese, grains, honey, and more, but we keep leaning into the same spirit of humble hunger we learned in Sicily, applying it to everything from backyard agriculture to website building and even our family history. We are grateful. In Sicily, we loved seeing behind-the-scenes of food. Coming home, we are still on the lookout for craftsmanship. Every delicious meal or beautiful object begs the questions: “Who is making this? How do you make the best version of this?” The more we learn, the more grateful we become. Someone fed that cow that gave that milk that someone else processed to make this crumb of delicious cheese. Whether in house-building, digital strategy, or food services, we are more grateful than ever for the creativity and excellence of artisans in every sphere of work. We are overwhelmed. Our new home is in the Salinas Valley, acres of lettuce and strawberries stretching around us. We pass migrant laborers in the field everyday, hear about lettuce prices in the news, and realize the complexity of  commercial agriculture. We left Sicily with tons of questions and ideas about modern agriculture. Living in the middle of that world now has challenged many of our ideas and answered none of those questions. And we feel that same appreciation for complexity in other arenas of our work and life too, from politics to digital strategy and more. Where to, next?  We’re not sure what this blog will feature yet, but you can bet there will be delicious food. In this season, we are thinking a lot about presents, so you can expect a gift guide or two for the cooks in your life as well a year-end recipe retrospective. Where have the last six months taken you all? What have you been eating? Ciao, tutti, and thank you for reading!